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Stillbirth or Neonatal Registration Appointment


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic special arrangements are in place so that death and stillbirth registrations take place over the telephone.  

You do not need to collect the Medical Certificate from the doctor. Please ask the doctor or midwife to send this to us electronically.

If the death or stillbirth occurred in North Middlesex Hospital you do not need to collect the Medical Certificate. The hospital will arrange to send this to us electronically.

Please book an appointment using this online system but DO NOT attend Gentleman's Row under any circumstances. If the doctor has not electronically sent us the medical certificate you MUST NOT book an appointment. 

The registrar will call you at an appointed time and will guide you through the registration.

Before the registrar calls it would be very helpful if you have the details of the funeral director you will be using.

Please try to avoid calling us at this busy time as we are not able to respond to you quickly. If you have any questions, please email will respond to you as quickly as we can. 

You are booking an appointment to register a new baby that was either stillborn or a baby that was born alive but sadly died within 28days of life. 

If you are booking the appointment on behalf of the parents, then please answer the following questions for them.

Please check you can register a stillbirth before you attend your appointment.

However, if you need more information about registering the death of a baby, please email your details and telephone number to and a registrar will contact you directly.